2018 IFT-Perimeter-SAIFR Journeys into Theoretical Physics

July 16, 2018 - July 22, 2018
São Paulo, Brazil | IFT-UNESP

Journeys into Theoretical Physics is a one-week school for outstanding undergraduate students from Latin America in their last year of studies. The school is associated with a partnership between Perimeter Institute (Waterloo, Canada), the ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP and the CUNY/Princeton Center for the Physics of Biological Function. The best students at the school will be invited to a joint international masters program between the institutes including one year at the world-famous Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) program or the CUNY/Princeton Center for the Physics of Biological Function. There is no registration fee and limited funds are available for travel and local expenses of participants.


  • Nathan Berkovits (ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP, Brazil)
  • Ricardo D´Elia Matheus (IFT-UNESP, Brazil)
  • Pedro Vieira (ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP, Brazil & Perimeter Institute, Canada)


  • Kevin Costello (Perimeter) – An introduction to topology for physicists
  • Gastão Krein (IFT-UNESP) – Effective quantum field theory
  • Aline Ramires (ETH Zurich/ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP/MPI-PKS) – Aspects of Superconductivity
  • David Schwab (CUNY/Princeton) – Current theoretical problems in biophysics
  • Kendrick Smith (Perimeter) – Physics of the Early Universe

Application deadline: May 11 , 2018

More information: http://journeys.ictp-saifr.org/

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